After slicing and dicing its users reviews and ratings TripAdvisor came with a winner: ISTANBUL. Istanbul wins the TripAdvisor's annual Travelers' Choice Award. But you could say that all 25 destinations best rated are winners.

1. Istanbul, Turkey
2. Rome, Italy
3. London, United Kingdom
4. Beijing, China
5. Prague, Czech Republic
6. Marrakech, Morocco
7. Paris, France
8. Hanoi, Vietnam
9. Siem Reap, Cambodia
10. Shanghai, China
11. Berlin, Germany
12. New York City, New York
13. Florence, Italy
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. Barcelona, Spain
16. St. Petersburg, Russia
17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18. Chicago, Illinois
19. Cape Town Central, South Africa
20. Bangkok, Thailand
21. Budapest, Hungary
22. Sydney, Australia
23. Lisbon, Portugal
24. Chiang Mai, Thailand
25. San Francisco, California

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