Fashion stylist Inge de Lange went to the Burning Man festival last year, an experience of a lifetime as she did not only went to the coolest festival on earth but got married to her boyfriend PJ Kuhne in Vegas as well. Their story.

Burning Man a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States. Where it's required to bring enough water, Inge took homemade brioche and good vibes. 

Burning Man"As we had to pick up the RV in Phoenix we spent some time there, lot’s off tall buildings nothing more. From their on it was straight through pure dessert. The lights of Vegas looming up when your driving at night was an experience on it’s own. Very surreal. We stayed in Las Vegas for one night, got some info on how to get married there (did that on the way back)".

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Burning Man Inge shop"Then straight through Death Valley. The name fits the place cause man you feel like you’re the only one alive their. Till we stumbled upon a small shop where we stopped for some supplies. A man straight from 'Mad Max' said: y’all must be going to Burning Man, come have a look at my bike”. Outside stood a crazy self-made motorized bicycle, the same man showed us the way to the nearest WallMart, which was friendly".

Burning Man road"There were also people walking around asking to charge their lap-top as they forgot to print their pre-ticket of course someone helped them, you’re at Burning Man!! It's very hard to get tickets especially when your from abroad, but thanks to the the 'Step-Program' it’s fair and when you are persistent it is possible".

Burning Man RV"We slept In a RV, don’t believe all the RV hating stories you read online. You're not the only one who travels 'Cruise America'. As the lavatories at the Burning Man are superb, halfway in the week some were decorated and had music in them, we could use the RV toilet as well, only in emergency’s though". 

Burning Man couple"We felt like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You really feel like you are being part of something very very special and out of this world".

Burning Man sunset"We did not see any celebrities but then again we didn’t look for them. There’s a rumor every year that Daft Punk is playing. They weren’t".

Burning Man cat"We did not expect to make friends for life but we did".

Burning Man festival"There is a lot to do and to know before hand. Get in touch with someone who has been there a couple times. But to name a few things: water of course is vital, arrive relaxed so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Get a good bike & just pack crazy clothing".

Burning Man statue"You’ll meet a lot of new people and see stuff you have never seen. It may sound corny but it’s true. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life".

"Burning Man can’t be described in memories".

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