Malu Burning Man 7Freelance journalist for several fashion magazines and founder of Benewed.com Malu Kirschbaum went to the Burning Man festival in august this year, a life changing experience. 

"How to describe Burning Man? This question has been bugging me since my return. How would you describe an unearthly and enchanted world, an experience like no other, especially to people that haven’t been before. Burners will tell you it is a life changing experience. That you will look at the ‘default’ world differently. Now, being back this is so true and so much more…"

Malu Burning Man 3"For those who aren’t familiar with Burning Man, it’s a weeklong annual event that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. It attracts 68.000 people from all over the globe, who dedicate themselves to the spirit of the temporarily city, community, art, radical self-expression and self-reliance. They depart one week later, leaving no trace. And since there is no money in Black Rock City, it’s all about gift giving (without expecting to receive anything in return!) and decommodification, because there is nothing that we ARE, that can be bought or sold."

Malu Burning Man 2"Maybe it sounds funny but it really seems that Burning Man is how the ideal world should be. People share what they have and take care of each other. You are free to do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be. There is no religion, age difference, origins, sexual orientation, or career status that makes you better than your neighbour. Everybody is your family, so you’ll do your very best to make them all happy. And they will do the same to you. That’s why it is THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH."

Malu Burning Man 4"I know that’s the official tagline from Disneyland, but that’s another way to describe Burning Man: like a huge playground. Black Rock City is filled with over 300 art installations, which you can touch, climb on, and play with. Also, the event is very child-friendly and there are loads of family activities, so Burning Man enthusiastically welcomes people of all ages to the Playa."

Malu Burning Man 5"Which brings me to this: I can tell you about my personal experience, but it will be completely different to someone else’s. At Burning Man, you can party your face off all night long, but you can also choose to absorb the city during the day and have a more calming and meditative week. Or you can participate in all sorts of workshops. Or have a little bit of everything. Besides, there are so many things to do (the program booklet has 160 pages!) you take every day as it comes and go with what adventures the day brings. My experiences were mind-blowing and absolutely amazing. The only way to sum it is as THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE."

Malu Burning Man 1"To avoid misrepresenting what Burning Man exactly is, I’m going to leave it with this. Instead, I’d like to show you. Take a peak through my goggles and be inspired by the art, parties, and beautiful people. Burning Man and Burners, I can’t wait for us to meet again. Until then, I’m going with the advice of a Burning Friend: “Embrace everything, until preparations for next year begins.” 

Malu Burning Man 6

Malu Burning Man 9See the original post at Benewed.com, all pictures made by Malu & her friends. 

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