Every lost your suitcase? Or wondered if your suitcase is to heavy? The French iconic luggage brand DELSEY comes with a smart suitcase named PLUGGAGE. PLUGGAGE comes with many features to make our journey a lot easier. The actual suitcase is not for sale yet as they want to know from us which features we would love most. delsey pluggage videoHere some of the advantages they offer:

Before departure, the overload indicator helps avoid any nasty surprises relating to overweight baggage at the point of check-in and a trip checklist ensures peace of mind that nothing has been forgotten.
During the trip, the built in charger allows you to recharge your smartphone anywhere, to stay in touch with your work, friends and family.
Once on board, the App confirms the presence of your luggage on board the plane with an alert - a "must have" feature when you consider that 82,000 bags are lost each day, 26 million pieces of luggages[1] worldwide per year.
Upon arrival, the verification system tells the traveler if the luggage was opened while in transit, improving safety and resulting in a calmer journey.
On site, the built-in speakers allow the traveler to listen to their favorite music, for ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

Through the App, PLUGGAGE is also able to inform travellers in real time of flight information and weather conditions at destination. Finally, PLUGGAGE has an interior lighting system for finding personal belonging swiftly, and an opening and closing digital fingerprint system.

PLUGGAGE overview TJCThe 10 PLUGGAGE features:
1. Auto weight
2. Instant battery reload
3. On-board detection
4. Inside lighting system
5. Flight information
6. Fingerprint ID
7. Check lock
8. Weather forecast
9. Inside speaker
10. Trip information

Our favorite would be the on-board detection, how many times did we not watch the same suitcases come across while we were waiting for hours in an empty arrival hall. Good to know you don’t have to wait and come in action immediately or have a relaxed flight as you know all your important stuff is on board. Also the auto weight would come in handy as it’s easy to overload your suitcase..

So what are your favorites? Vote here and how knows the suitcase will be revealed, somewhere at the beginning of 2016, with your features. We can’t wait as the suitcase is not only super handy but also very stylish.

Delsey - Pluggage (5)More info and a movie explaining all the different options you will find here.

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