JENNIFER KIMJennifer Kim, mother of two fantastic boys, works in the PR for more than 8 years. She was PR Manager at Issey Miyake, responsible for PR in Central Europe. Now she is running her own PR agency, JENNIFERKIMPR in Düsseldorf, working for fashion, lifestyle, jewelry and interior design labels. Her Düsseldorf.

"I was born in Germany but am originally from Seoul, Korea. After my birth, we moved a lot internationally and stayed only about 3 years at one place. Now I call Düsseldorf my hometown."

"Düsseldorf is a very nice and neat town right in the middle of Germany. There are several typical attributes for Düsseldorf:

- It has the 'longest bar in the world' because there are so many bars located next to each other in the old town, called Altstadt.
- On Wednesday evenings and at the weekends, the Ratinger Strasse is packed full of people of all ages drinking the famous Alt beer, such as Füchsen or Uerige. Two other let´s call it culinary products that originate from Düsseldorf is the famous mustard Löwensenf and the liqueur Killepitsch.KöKönigsallee

- Of course you must not miss the famous and exclusive shopping street Kö, that is how the locals call the famous street Königsallee.
- The harbor area is also typical with the Gehry buildings and TV tower.
- If you wish to see the inhabitants (Düsseldorfer) going crazy you should come for the Karneval, either on Altweiber or on Rosenmontag in February. Honestly, during that time I try to flee and escape from the buzz.
- There are very nice events, like the Japanese Day with the closing fire works, several marathons, nice exhibitions and theatres and notable museums.
- You shouldn't miss the Nacht der Museen, when the galleries and museums open the whole night, accompanied by several parties and events. The art academy Kunstakademie is famous for its Akademierundgang beginning of February, when students show their final works."

"In the area of Immermannstreet you can find an Asian area with Japanese and Korean restaurants like, Okinii and super markets like Shochiku, where I always buy my Korean groceries."1 Favorite food at GingerboyGingerboy

"If it comes to one of my favorite restaurants it would definitely be Gingerboy for dining out: a modern Asian/Chinese restaurant with homemade noodles. As main dish, you receive huge and yummy portions but it is so fat free and healthy that after having eaten you feel great and happy. Also try the delicate teas and tasty cocktails."

"I love the NRW Forum that inhabits great exhibitions of fashion photography."BazzarBazzar Café

"The Bazzar Café offers the best coffee and sandwiches in town with a big terrace. It is also heated when it´s cold outside – then grab the blanket from one of the seats, get wrapped and sip your drink after a hard shopping trip."Outside of BazzarBazzar Café

"In order to dive into a quite and calm oasis, I love to go to the relatively big bookstore Mayersche Buchhandlung and look through the huge book selection, sit down on a cosy seat right at the window facing the Kö, drink a coffee and look through the books while the world continues to be busy outside."Rheinturm TV TowerRheinturm

"One of the favorite places of me and my kids is the TV tower Rheinturm. Once in a while we love to take the elevator up to around 165m and enjoy the great view over Düsseldorf through our binoculars and see the tiny cars and people in the streets."Carlsplatz marketCarlsplatz

"Ideal it would be sunny and would start with a breakfast at Zicke that has the biggest croissant in town, then stroll along the Rhine to NRW Forum through the marketplace Carlsplatz and buy some beautiful flowers, head to some little, nice shops in the Oldtown and then end up at the Bazaar Café for a double espresso to recover from the shopping tour and watch the people go by."Yomaro1Yomaro

- Maruyasu for a Saturday shopping lunch with fantastic delicious Sushi.
- Carlsplatz Market: fresh fruits, vegetables, lunch, and famous soups with lentils or peas (Linsensuppe or Erbsensuppe) at Gulaschkanone, crowded during lunchtime.
- Bakery Hinkel in the Altstadt: best German bread in town.
- Yomaro Frozen Joghurt at Carlsplatz.Outside ZickeZicke

- Sila Thai: Delicious Thai food with great atmosphere.
- Bar Olio: Best Pasta with truffles in town, very cool and relaxed atmosphere, old train freight depot. No reservation but drink a tasty white wine while waiting to be seated. (Schirmerstr. 54).
- Robert´s Bistro: Busy French restaurant with fantastic seafood and assorted wines. It is quite loud, crowded, simple interior design, narrow, neon lights, but that´s the hallmark of this fabulous place. (No cards accepted and the same here: no reservation but drink a tasty white wine while waiting to be seated.)
- After dinner try the Bar Ellington (Scheurenstr, 5) and afterwards head to Salons des Amateurs listen to some great beats, dance and enjoy being among some cool artists and art students.Zicke1Zicke

"Compared to other cities, although it is not too big, Düsseldorf offers a lot of economic, cultural and places of interests. Some of the biggest international trade fairs are being hold at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre, Messe Düsseldorf. Twice a year this city is the hotspot of the fashion crowd that visit various fashion showrooms and trade fairs, e.g. Supreme, The Gallery. The airport can easily be reached within few minutes by train or taxi. As a relatively smaller city Düsseldorf has a lot of museums, theatres, various events in music, literature, sports or culinary highlights, as the fish market, Altstadtherbst or the French Festival, called Frankreichfest."

"People from other German cities state that Düsseldorf is a chichi city and that the people here are more arrogant and bigheaded. Maybe that is true to a certain extent and maybe this results from the fact that Düsseldorf is such a great city with no big negative side aspects. No matter what others say but the Düsseldorfer are friendly, nice and open-minded."

"Visiting Düsseldorf, I could recommend going to the area called Flingern, around Ackerstrasse, or in Unterbilk around Lorettostrasse where you can find smaller shops.
In the Altstadt (old town), there are many shops and of course at the Königsallee and the Schadow Arcades (arcades with shops and eateries). At Stilwerk you can find the best interior design shops."Kö1Königsallee

"Take the tourist bus so that you get an overview. Visit the Harbor and admire the wavy buildings by the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry and go to the top of the TV tower in order to get a fantastic 360° view over Düsseldorf. Stroll along the Rhine and discover the Oldtown and don´t miss to try the authentic Altbier in one of the traditional pubs. If you have time to visit one of the great museums, a play at the opera or a concert in the Tonhalle, then try to go and visit. Enjoy!"

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