Sophia KokosalakiSophia Kokosalaki, a Greek fashion designer with her own label based in London, about her Greece.

“My Greek heritage is extremely important to me, it always has been and it will continue to be so. I am proud and endlessly taken by how much depth and richness there is. I continue to discover new things, new ideas and art that never cease to amaze me and inform my work. Regarding its direct influence on my work, it is primarily the principles of Greek Classicism that guide me, the search for balance, for economy of line and timelessness. In Greek sculpture the beauty of the whole depends on the harmony of the parts that comprise it – the same principle I try to apply when designing a dress. Also freedom of movement is fundamental. “

agios pavlosAgios Pavlos, Crete

“I try to visit Greece as often as possible – I can always find reasons or make excuses for that. Last time a few wonderful accessories came out of the trip. There is a great personal incentive to create beautiful forms when absorbing the Greek ambiance. The Greek light and waters are the most glorious natural elements I have encountered.”

costa navarinoCosta Navarino, Messinia

“One of my favorite places is Crete, it is my parents’ island and we holiday there a lot. I would go to Agios Pavlos or Balos for a swim and to Ancient Elefterna. The food is spectacular too in Crete. Another trip away from the obviously renowned beautiful islands in the Cyclades or the Ionian islands could be to Messinia and Costa Navarino (mainland), which is an impressive and beautiful destination. Greece is not only about natural beauty and Classical culture though; there is also a vibrant art and cultural scene, led by the DESTE Foundation, the equivalent of a contemporary art museum, which is a must-see in Athens.”

Balos, CreteBalos, Crete

Source Blue Magazine

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