Gypset, a new term combining Gypsy+Jet set. A term that comes from travel writer Julia Chaplin which sounds very tempting. Gypset stands for an emerging group of artists, musicians, fashion designers, surfers, and bon vivants who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional lives.

Gypset Travel Julia ChaplinJulia Chaplin collected stories of people she met–or been inspired by– in her travels who have perfected a high-low approach to life that fuses the freelance and nomadic lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication and global references of the jet set. Its an alternative way of traveling and living that’s based more on creativity then money. Instead of a luxury hotel, you might find a Gypsetter surfing in Montauk or Cornwall, UK or in a teepee in Ibiza.

Gypset Travel la vie est belleAll her stories and inspiring people are now collected in Gypset Travel, where she explores the little-known enclaves of gypsy jet-setters around the world. From the Aeolian Islands in Italy to Lamu, Kenya; North Goa, India; and José Ignacio, Uruguay—Gypset Travel delves into the glamorous yet casual lifestyle of these bohemian wanderers through intimate photography and first-person anecdotes.

Gypset Travel bookIt's not her first book, in 2009 Gypset Style was published. Next to books you will also find beautiful sarongs, dresses and if you are interested all the Gypset spots around the world. 

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