Sofie Laureys 2Sofie Laureys, PR manager but also founder of the blog Next to fashion lover she explores the world as often as she can. Read all about her journey to Ireland. 

"Ireland was never on my to-do-travel-list until I saw the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. He didn't visit Ireland, but he travelled through so many beautiful countries where you just got blown away by nature. Back to basics, that's what I wanted to feel during my next trip. So me and my roommate started looking for countries where we could enjoy being outside, without having to travel very far.... Ireland it was!"

1- Ring Of Kerry"The best way to discover South-Ireland is by car. It can be quite scary to drive on the left side, but believe me, the endless abandoned roads (except for the sheep) just ask for an old fashioned road trip! We saw so many beautiful sceneries and met so many nice people, so I'll just give you the highlights of our journey in a nutshell..."

2 - Ring Of Kerry"The Ring of Kerry: To holiday in Kerry and not explore the Ring of Kerry is like visiting Ireland and not trying a pint of Guinness, a pot of Irish tea or a fresh oven baked scone: there’s just something missing. Cinematic seascapes, secluded sandy beaches and misty mountains. Not for nothing that the Ring of Kerry has earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland".

2 -Killarney National Park"Want to see more beautiful landscapes and little lambs? Explore Killarney National Park, which lies beneath the rugged peaks of the highest mountains of Kerry. The Torc Waterfall inside the park is definitely worth the climb!"

1-Cliffs of Moher"Hiking time: the famous Cliffs of Moher! Hiking along the edge of the vertiginous Cliffs of Moher was a thrill. It was pouring rain and the wind blew us back into the car when we tried to get out. But at our second attempt to leave the car, the weather suddenly cleared up – and we even got to enjoy the amazing cliffs in all their glory under a wee bit of sunshine!"

2 - Galway"Galway: Such a charming compact city, full of students and other hip youngsters that are beyond friendly. It has a great music scene and some fab bars and restaurants. Have your apero moment at Sheridan’s Cheesemongers: If not for the name, then definitely go there for the amazing wine & cheese selection. Afterwards have dinner at Oscar’s: a cozy bistro that delivers its promise to serve the best fish & seafood. Try the mussels or homemade fish & chips (you can even choose which kind of fish ends up beer-battered onto your plate – yum!)"

1- Galway"For the last part of our trip, we wanted to head back to civilization and sniff up the big city life. Which city could be greater for that than Dublin, right?! Our first visit was this hipster lunchbar called The Fumbally. Think high ceilings, white walls with cute quotes, bearded guys, cosy couches and amazeballs healthy food. We both had the avocado toast, which sounds simple, but it was the best one I ever had in my life!"

1- Dublin"Even though we had to wear our raincoats and walking boots every day, Ireland and its gorgeous nature left such an impression on both of us. I would recommend it to everyone who wants a more active holiday and doesn’t want to think about outfits or make-up for a week! Discover the full articles on our journey on".

2-Cliffs of Moher


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