For all Paris lovers this is a blog you want to follow: www.leshollandaises.com. Two girls from Amsterdam, working in fashion (Lavinia Schimmelpenninck, Communication Manager at Mugler) and writing (Sophie van der Stap, writer) who chose Paris as their home, enjoying and struggling with life in the city as much as anyone of our seeking generation.

Les Hollandaises parisThey write about anything that they come across living in Paris and that stays with them. Whether it’s about chestnuts, cruising town on our bikes, hugging Lenny Kravitz, strolling around the Louvre on a Monday evening, unwinding at Ile de Ré, painful clichés on dating French men, friendships, investing in vintage rather than in bricks, turning 30, screwing up French table manners, learning French phonetics in a classroom full of Koreans, seeing a novel by Emile Zola coming to life selling high end clothes to high end women, Parisian dinner-parties, suffering from the Blues on a lonely Sunday, grocery shopping at Marché Aligre, treasure hunting at the Puces of Saint-Ouen or in a French pharmacy, learning to appreciate wine while doing what they love most: meeting new people and encountering new stories. The magic of living in Paris is entirely due to never knowing with whom you’re sharing the dinner table that evening.

Les Hollandaises vintage"In a society where everything changes so rapidly – jobs, boyfriends, apartments, friendships – and endless city views suggest that everything is possible, we felt the need to create a sense of home. Not by sharing snapshots of sipping champagne looking pretty, but by sharing stories that matter to us while reaching out to the ones that matter to you".

"Life in Paris is spontaneous and enriching but also very quick and changeable. Therefore this blog is more than a mere collection of precious moments that make life worth living. It’s not always absolutely fabulous – Paris can be grey".

Les Hollandaises samen

Les Hollandaises | www.leshollandaises.com
Lavinia Schimmelpenninck & Sophie van der Stap

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