Ekatarina RazgonovaMeet Ekaterina Razgonova, a Russian raised in the Netherlands. She loves both countries. Loves the contrasts that both provide. "I love life and all its twists and surprises. Work in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist and I am in love with what I do." Her Moscow.

"A perfect day in this massive city could combine a stroll in a the cool Gorky Park, a visit to the Garage Gallery, then maybe a lunch on a boat. Or to spend the whole day on our dacha, a country house build by our great grand father in the woods."

Monastery Petrovka StreetSOME OF MY FAVORITE PLACES
"I love VDNH, The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. It’s a great place to walk around the weekends."
"Love the Red Square and its massiveness."
"I enjoy the great view on the river at Bar Strelka."
"Another favorite is visiting the Vysokopetrovsky Monastery on Petrovka street, its build in 1339 and is in the middle of the city. The presence of such history grounds you."

Moscow Red Square"When in Moscow you must visit Red Square, Gallery Tretyakovka, VDNH, Bar Strelka at night, Club Solyanka, Yeliseyevsky Gastronom. So you can experience the true Moscow."

Moscow subway"Not only the typical places have my preference, I also love the beautiful subways. The subway stations are different from each other and look like underground palaces. Take a minute to really look into all the details on the ceilings and walls."

Moscow home"11.5 million people live in the city, and you feel the energy. Moscow is a city of contrasts and with a heavy but interesting history. It’s hard to grasp the city. Its beautiful and dangerous at the same time."

Moscow by Ekatarina Razgonova"Russians seem very cold and distant at first, but once they get to know you a little better, they transform to very warm welcoming people. The people might seem close, and don’t smile quickly, but don’t judge too fast, once they open up you will sure experience the best hospitality with home made food, singing in the kitchen while playing a guitar. Its very complicated to explain the mentality. It’s a culture with deep rooted traditions. Most Russians are raised by reading books by main international authors and are very educated."

Ekatarina Razgonova"For some good shopping I like to go to: KM20, Tvetnoy, Iss MagTSUM, Yeliseyevsky Gastronom & bookshop Respublika."

"When in Moscow definitely travel by the subway; you will sense the massiveness of the creations. Do try out the restaurant in the center called Pushkinwith the most delicious dishes of typical old-fashioned Russian cuisine. And a must see: Yeliseyevsky Gastronom, opened in 1901, this store was once the flagship of gourmet foods, it’s the Opulent Russian art nouveau style luxury foods store."

Moscow city

"Its fast and tons of people are on the streets day and night. Moscow keeps on changing in the speed of light. This city truly never sleeps. "


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