eve-shorty-1Eve Tomaszewski is a Fashion Content Creator. She writes fashion stories for magazines and shares snapshots of her life on Eve lived in New York for three months for an internship at Vanity Fair. Since then (three years ago) she visits the big apple at least once a year. As New York is not the place to eat at home she shares her favorite places for food and drinks.

Baked organic eggs with basil, tomato sauce and cream at Cafe Gitane
"The baked organic eggs at Cafe Gitane are delicious, maybe too delicious. It’s difficult to find a place where eggs taste just as good. I know, because I’ve tried. Gitane is a nice spot to start a new day but go early, it’s always fully packed.Hampton Chutney 2Dosa Masala Deluxe at Hampton Chutney Co
"A dosa is a light, crispy, sourdough crepe made from rice and lentils. I always order the Dosa Masala Deluxe filled with spinach, jack cheese and roasted tomatoes with extra avocado. Also order the orange blossom lemonade.Juice GenerationJoyful Almond at Juice Generation
"My favorite beverage on the menu of Juice Generation is not a juice. It’s a smoothie called Joyful Almond with almond milk, cacao nibs, frozen coco-milk and banana." 

Tortilla soup at La Esquina
"New York insiders love the Mexican food spot La Esquina. I discovered this spot on the corner in Soho by accident when I walked by. I ordered the Tortilla soup and it was the best I’ve ever had."

Soy latte at MUD
"MUD is the place for no nonsense coffee. My favorite coffee (soya hazelnut soy latte) is not on the menu but the soy latte is definitely worth it. Tip: you can buy their coffee and a mug to go with it to make your MUD coffee at home."

Tuna Tartar at Room Service
"I always take my friends to Room Service and force them to try the Tuna Tartar. With it I order flat rice noodles sautéed in sweet soy sauce with Chinese broccoli and eggs, better known as Pad See Eeuw on the menu and you will have a great evening."Dean & DelucaGreen juice at Dean & Deluca
"New York is the city of the green juices. You can buy one at every corner & always fresh. The best I’ve ever had? The one from Dean & Deluca. There are many more reasons to visit this supermarket. I’m talking about the cookies. Oh, and also try their sushi." 

Miso Glazed Salmon at Mooncake Foods
"I have no words for the salmon at Mooncake Foods. It’s so good! I wish I could teleport myself to have their Miso Glazed Salmon right now. Yum!" 

Bagel & Schmear at The Butcher’s Daughter
"Schmear is a herbed tofu cream cheese with tomato, cucumber, slivered shallots & capers. Combines very well with a bagel, go try!" OTBHemingway Daiquiri at OTB
"My to go place for cocktails in Brooklyn is OTB. My favorite? The Hemingway Daiquiri if you’re into sweet drinks."

Credits for portrait David Stegenga

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