Jenke Mondello beachBlogger and traveller Jenke van den Bos shares all her adventures and favorites at her blog DRTYLNDRY.comShe loves to get her clothes dirty on nice stories and inspiring places to go, some of her favorite places are: Copenhagen, LA, Haarlem, Amsterdam & Boston. Her journey to Palermo.

"Last Summer I travelled to Palermo to discover this traditional island for Peroni. Together with the cool camera crew Since ’88 we captured the amazing city of Palermo during 2 days."Jenke scooter"When you want to start your Italian day perfectly, you’ll have to do it like the Italians do. And that means waking up with a small, but strong caffè. I really like coffee, so this absolutely fits my lifestyle. You’re most likely to find this Italian ritual in a small coffee bar in one of the narrow streets of the city. Just grab a small espresso on the go. For Palermo, Cafe Ales is the perfect pick. Tucked away in a little, tacky street I found this hidden treasure when I least expected it. An authentic tiny shop, where the local people buy their fresh ground coffee." Cafe Ales | Via Pannieri 12, PalermoJenke Palermo"When you are in Palermo, you should definitely bring a visit to the best and most famous pizzeria of the town. Actually, you should do that in every Italian city. In Palermo the place to have pizza is Frida Pizzeria. There’s something about this place. A must do! A nice atmosphere, vivid crowd and nobody seems to bother that you have to wait outside (with a drink off course) for a table. It’s worth the wait!" Frida Pizzeria | Piazza Sant'Onofrio 37, PalermoJenke sunglasses"Off course I had to visit some shopping areas while in Palermo. Wandering around you’ll find one square with nice shops. Italian fashion is awesome we all know that. The Italian people are dressed up at any moment of the day and it always seems like their outfits are carefully put together from head to toe. There’s one main item what we all need when it comes to styling the perfect outfit and that is a cool pair off sunglasses. The fancy boutique Ottica Lipari has it all when it comes to this fashion item ." Ottica Lipari | Via Ludovico Ariosto 11, PalermoJenke Mondello beach scooter"Palermo is a lovely city. When it comes to a nice fancy lunch, or an easy going coffee, this city has it all. The mainly young and creative crowd wandering around provides a vivid atmosphere. However, when you’re visiting the island of Sicily you must see the nature and beaches as well. Don't skip a trip to Mondello Beach. Rent a nice old Vespa and do like the Palermitani do and catch the afternoon sun rays while lying on the rocks. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the nature, beach and to relax for a moment when leaving the vivid city of Palermo." Jenke lunch"Since we like to have a good lunch, Gagini was a restaurant we couldn’t miss in Palermo. The menu is great and the pasta is assembled with care and made with purely fresh products. The mission of this restaurant is to enhance the quality of the dishes with an exclusive, cool, relaxing and delightful atmosphere. Even the chef de cuisine will come to your table to tell about the seasonal dishes. My favorite dish is the papperdelle with red mullet, followed by the tiramisu ‘according to nature’ for dessert. A perfect Italian lunch." Gagini Restaurant | Via Cassari 35, PalermoJenke Palermo havenRead the whole story and watch the video's at Storie di Stile

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