Linda & GiancaDutch Linda fell madly in love with the Italian Gianca, after traveling back and forward they did chose Cagliari, Sardinia, as their hometown. Enjoy their journey and tips.

"There are so many amazing places to visit and undiscovered things to see in Sardinia! Not only breathes the island lots of history, there are many authentic villages and (deserted) beaches where you pretend to be somewhere in the Caribbean! Although i just moved here this summer and while still learning the language, we have visited already some amazing places! And yes, there are still many left on my list to see (I can’t wait till Summer) and I promise I'll keep on writing."Cagliari flamingo's CAGLIARI 
"Cagliari, the city we live! The biggest city of Sardinia with a lot of history and over 7 km of beaches! The center of Cagliari counts 165.000 people, but if we add all the villages around, there are about 478 thousand people (Cagliari, Elmas, Pirri, Monserrato, Selargius, Quartucciu and Quartu Sant'Elena). The old center of Cagliari is named Castello and its on top of the hill, with a beautiful view of the city and the Gulf of Cagliari.Cagliari by Linda The old city walls are mostly intact and the two old towers (from the 11th century) protect the two entries of the old city. A crowded place, directly on the beach, a old history, good restaurants, many bars and lots of possibilities for shopping.. A great city to live in!"Alghero by LindaALGHERO 
"Our first small holiday destination has been Alghero, also known as the Barceloneta of Sardinia. A famous and populair holiday village on the North West side of the island.Linda Alghero 3During 400 years, since 1354, Alghero was part of Catalunya. And still today, 70% of the locals speaks Catalan. Situated directly at the sea, I would advise to rent a boat or make a tour to the nearby caves and beaches in the area. Don't forget to start a day with a sandwich from Il Milese in the center of Alghero: delicious!" Bosa by LindaBOSA
"Close to Alghero you will find Bosa, around an one hour drive away. We only had time to go there for an afternoon and evening, but I fell in love with it! The city is located on the mountains with an amazing sea view and extremely small streets of the medieval quarter Rione Sa Costa, were you get lost in seconds. The great thing about Bosa is that you can't find many tourists and in the shopping street Corso Vittorio Emanuele II you'll find authentic stores that didn't change a bit during the last 100 years.Bosa view by Linda Don't forget to walk along the old street Lungotempo de Gasperi with palaces from the 18th and 19th century. Absolutely worth a visit while the pastel-colored houses reflects in the sun."Linda Stintino 1STINTINO
"The second day in Alghero we went to one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been. I have seen quit a bit of the world, but I'm only used to see white beaches and extremely blue water like this in the Caribbean or in the South of Thailand. Normally extremely crowded but in Spring it is just perfect!Linda Stintino2Enjoy the beautiful view on a small island, called Isola Piana, with a Spanish waiting tower. Right behind there is a bigger island called Asinara where till only a few years ago a penal colony was located. At the moment this area is declared as a national park."Carloforte by LindaCARLOFORTE 
"At the end of last Summer we went to Carloforte, a city on the small island Isola di San Pietro, just below Sardinia. Crowded in summer and quiet in winter times. It's a fishermen island and every Summer in June there is a festival called Girotonno, to celebrate the catch of the tuna of the year.Carloforte by boatTo arrive in Carloforte, you can easily take a boat from Portovesme or Calasetta what will take about 30 minutes. Looking for a good place to eat? Try Da Nicolo!"Cala Goloritze beach by LindaCALA GOLORITZE 
"If you like beaches, snorkeling and some exercise go to Cala Goloritze by foot. Of course you can take a boat, but what's the fun of that? In 1995 it was elected "Italian National Monument" and it is the most photographed beach in the Ogliastra area. The bottom of the sea is clear and 30 meter deep, the white beach is unique in its kind and the water is colder than normal.Cala Goloritze by LindaAs said before the only way to come there is by foot or by boat, so.... we walked! The night before we drove to a bed an breakfast close by to leave early in the morning. The walk is long and you really need good shoes, but its absolutely worth it! But don't forget, you also have to go back up.."
Linda Villasimius 2VILLASIMIUS 
"And last on my list for now, Villasimius. The place where most people from Cagliari go in their weekend. It's about an one hour drive and really an holiday village. The beaches are really pretty adn there are enough beach clubs to enjoy yourself.  On the way you have some amazing views and with some luck you will even see some dolphins!Linda VillasimiusLooking for a place to eat, try to go outside the city center. You will pay less and the food is much better. When you love diving, Villasimius is a small paradise where you can find some old war wrecks. If you just want to enjoy the sun go to Spiaggia di Costa Rei, amazing!"

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