When we think of Paris we think croissants. Who walks around in Paris early in the morning recognizes the smell of the fresh baked patisserie. Parisians love to eat a croissant for breakfast, sometimes in the afternoon. But where can we find the perfect golden croissant?

A favorite spot is Du Pain et des Idées in the Canal St.-Martin area, check the website with sound you will immediately feel the atmosphere.

Croissant du pain et des idees 1The award-winning croissants by Christophe Vasseur are really delicious, maybe because they let the dough rise for one day, which gives the croissants a rich taste.

Croissant du pain et des idees 2In the area of Saint-Germain people enjoy the patisserie of Gérad Mulot, who distincts himself for over 38 years by adding extra butter.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAccording Le Figaro Pierre Hermé sells the most delicious croissants. An example is the Ispahan-croissant. The Ispahan-croissant is filled with almond crème with rose flavor and covered with glaze on the basis of rosewater and raspberry flakes from Haut-Vivarais.

Croissant IspahanWho wants to bake his own croissant is more than welcome at La Cuisine Paris, where you will learn the whole process of baking a true French croissant in only 3 hours.

So many good reasons to go to Paris but the croissant is definitely one! 

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